Ion Idriess: The Desert Column

Facsimile Cover

Facsimile CoverWhen I was a lad I thrilled to the works of Ion Idriess (and Nevil Shute: ‘A Town Like Alice’, ‘On the Beach’, etc) I still wonder at his retelling of the Kidman story (‘The Cattle King’) I confess I have not read the wonderful book reviewed so capably here: regarding his ‘adventures’ at Gallipoli and with the Australian Light Horse in Palestine, but I certainly shall. After you read the review, you probably will too! You can download it here:

Update: (11/07) I have read it now and am awed that someone could possibly write so well under fire! this is the story of the greatest cavalry engagement in history: the Australian Mounted Infantry in WW1.

The above link seems to be broken. If you go the mzmr site you will see that the ebook is still there but you can’t download it to Australia (though I did when I first wrote the post). You may be able to find a way round this. You may find it here: If all else fails, I can perhaps email you a copy.




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