Golden Eye Mini Spotting Scope:

Golden Eye Mini Spotting Scope
Golden Eye Mini Spotting Scope

Some people have quizzed me about this scope which fits in a 35mm film canister. Old hunting friends probably still have one of these from me courtesy of Xmases long ago, but alas they have not been available for a number of years. Keep looking though. They are great! As you can see, it is a high-quality mini monocular which actually fits in a used 35mm film canister (23.5 and 5 grams respectively!) If you don’t already own one, or can’t source a 2nd hand one from eBay or etc (unlikely), you may just have to console yourself with the much larger, heavier and possibly inferior products from other manufacturers.

I usually do very little ‘glassing’ preferring to simply go where my eyes can see. I think it is fairer on the deer too (as are iron sights). A rifle is a big advantage enough (but can give a quick and painless kill) without disadvantaging our noble quarry further with a panoply of tricky gadgets (infra-red sensors, high-powered optics, tracking collars, etc). Some places in the US restrict deer hunters to shotguns and solid slugs (mostly to protect other hunters it is true), but also making it impossible to take game which is further than, say fifty yards away. Bow hunters’ inestimable ethics are even fairer on the quarry than this. I think the intent of these restrictions are sound.

Sometimes, however, my aging eyesight is not as good as it once was, which is when my tiny ‘Golden Eye’ comes out of my pack’s shoulder pouch to confirm what my eyesight is indicating: more usually than not for me it is some unusual bird or plant…

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