Lever Actions:

Colonel Townsend Whelen
Colonel Townsend Whelen

Think about this: Colonel Townsend Whelen could reportedly hit man-sized target at 200 yards using the bolt action, open-sighted M1903 Springfield .30/06 service rifle, scoring six hits in ten seconds flat, could do it on command – and trained thousands of soldiers to emulate him: http://artoftherifle.com/the-townsend-whelen-challenge/2011/11/the-townsend-whelen-challenge.html & http://riflemansjournal.blogspot.com.au/2010/07/history-townsend-whelen.html Most shooting groups have already come out in opposition to any ban on lever action firearms; the story is probably mostly a ‘beat-up’: http://ssaavic.com.au/

Still, iron sights are clearly all you need to take deer in an ethical manner

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