Automatic Gate Controllers:

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Prompted by Spot’s near-miss (, I have been working on a JR-Proof fence (I know you will say, Good Luck with That!’, but I am an optimist. This section has him stymied at least. The electronic gate controller also has the local ‘tea-leaves’ in somewhat of a quandary. We used to have some low-life drive right up to the house about once a week, yet when we opened the door, they would scuttle off – or if we had them trapped, they would give some preposterous story about searching earnestly for someone who never existed.

In the years since we installed the push-button gate there have been None! It will soon have a sign saying, ‘For entry ring this number——‘ and a digital keypad so you can let yourself in with a code if you haven’t got a remote – after you have rung when we are not at home –when we would let you in with a button at the house once we knew who you were, eg at night.

I also plan to install a wireless security camera powered by the gate batteries. I might need to upgrade the batteries &/or the solar panels to provide it with current 24/7 but it will then keep a video record of whoever walks or drives up to the gate. This should be a great extra deterrent against black hats.

I know old folks feel the need to protect themselves more; but we are increasingly living in more dangerous times. Crimes against the person are up over 17,500% since they outlawed carrying pistols for personal protection in the early C20th! Read these two articles: &

A number of folk make these gate units. We bought ours from these people. It has been working fine now for quite some time; the batteries need charging once in mid-winter because the solar panel is too shaded by a large blackwood – I should move one of them: This company offers excellent  value and service, and especially after-sales service if you have any hassles.

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