World’s Lightest Tarp Clip:

World's lightest tarp clips
World’s lightest tarp clips
Tie the slip knot like this:
Tie the slip knot like this:


You can buy these approx 1” polystyrene balls from Spotlight for @ $2.40 for 20. They weigh about .2 gram each. You can carry a few of these in your repair/fishing kit (along with some string, eg 1-2mm Dyneema) for use at need, eg when you need some additional tie-downs for your tent/tarp or when you have torn one out.

They also come in handy as fishing floats for use with your You could use them to attach the bottom reinforcing tarp to your faux packraft first tying them to the material as shown below (on the emergency mylar tent, then tying an overhand knot in the remaining ‘tail’ and joining all the tie outs together with another length of string and pulling it tight so as to secure it to the raft.

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