Sale Common:

After we closed the shop at lunchtime we went across to Sale and spent the afternoon walking along some of its dozens of kilometres of amazing wetland walking paths which would take days to fully explore: Gippsland’s ‘Everglades’! What a gem, whose existence is almost certainly a secret to most people. You should give it a try on a couple of beautiful days like today; take a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine…there are innumerable great places to sit and wonder at the area’s delightful natural beauty and astonishing wildlife!

There are miles and miles of beautiful walking paths

DSCN0215 comp

Vast wetlands

DSCN0213 comp

Beautiful birdlife

DSCN0224 comp

Astonishing colours

DSCN0209 comp

Majestic river red gums.

DSCN0214 comp

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