Dino Paleo Diet:

dino trophy

Supposing that the science of ‘Jurassic Park’ becomes a reality (or time travel, ‘The Lost World’, etc – all this is imminent, surely?) we WILL need to face the important practical and ethical issues of killing and eating dinosaurs. Folk will definitely have to do some hard practice at the Range to ensure their accuracy, as Dino’s vulnerable spots are likely quite hard targets. Your normal .30 calibre hunting rifle (even a .457 magnum really) will just punch pin-prick holes in one of these vast beasties, mostly just drawing its attention to you and making it angry. Though a heart shot might cause it to bleed to death eventually, the fact that its heart is likely larger than a bullock will mean that it will have eaten/trampled you before its demise. A brain shot is best, but its brain is likely about the size of your fist and is WAY up there, surrounded by bone, so shoot carefully. After you have decked it (just supposing) the vital ethical issues arise: Is it halal or kosher? Can you eat it during Lent, Fridays? Dinosaurs lack the necessary cloven hooves to be amongst the kosher herbivores and even if considered as distant relatives of the birds they lack the extra toe. Similarly aquatic plesiosaurs etc would surely be deemed ‘fish without scales’ & etc. That’s surely a lot of meat going to waste, right there. Leviticus might need to be rewritten (well, anyway!), AND you might need to raise the height of your lounge room, as that trophy is going to be really BIG! Anyway, ‘Happy Hunting!’ http://gawker.com/steven-spielberg-exposed-as-inhumane-dinosaur-hunting-1603549847

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