A Beautiful World:


We did a little afternoon excursion today to check on the existence of some old walking tracks around Erica. The first pic is of Steve Jones with Spot where the walking track disappears at Tyers Junction near the Caringal Scout Camp. It seems to be one of the ‘roads less traveled’ judging by the overgrowth of blackberries and abundance of fallen timber. I am sure that not too many feet have trodden that path since we walked along it a couple of years ago. This is notwithstanding the numerous scouts in the camp ground who obviously do other things than ‘scout’, it seems! The second pic is a quick shot as we drove home through Moe. If sunsets are beautiful, then the cooling tower of Yallourn Power Station in the sun’s afterglow is nothing less than splendid! Lots to love less than an hour from home!


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