Jeeralang Sights:

Right behind our home there are lots of forestry tracks where we usually go for a walk with the dogs of a late afternoon. This one (No 4 Road) is about 400 metres further up the mountain so it is much cooler on a 30C day like yesterday. Some shady spots we wondered whether we should have brought a coat. Spot is always keen to lead the way:

DSCN0851 comp

Amid majestic blue gums and mountain ash. It is 50” rainfall country up here, just a couple of km behind us.

DSCN0853 comp

He can get a long way ahead. He loves to flush the swamp wallabies. Fetch ‘em up, Spot. There are lots of tree ferns…Tiny is becoming thirsty.

DSCN0856 comp

Fortunately there are beautiful cool springs and runnels for the dogs (and us) to quench our thirst. Della leads the way.

DSCN0859 comp

There are some really beautiful sticks of timber. A couple of houses here.

DSCN0869 comp

Lots of wildflowers: daisies,

DSCN0871 comp

And more daisies. These ones are so shiny, like they’ve just been painted.

DSCN0876 comp

Even common vetch has a beauty all its own.

DSCN0882 comp

Perhaps we will go for another walk this afternoon. It’s very hard to decide…Only yesterday (03/06/2017) we saw three sambar deer on our afternoon walk.

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