Tanjil River Canoeing: Update:

My thanks to reader, Jake who has just sent me this report of his ‘adventure’ on this lovely river: ‘Hi Steve, Thanks for the write up on on rafting the Tanjil. Last weekend my fishing partner and I drifted the Tanjil in a cheap inflatable boat with our fly rods in hand. Beautiful day out on the water. Took us a bit longer than you – lucky we set out early! Caught a few nice trout, although no monsters to hand. Was hoping there might be some bigger ones lurking due to lack of fishermen. Did see some enormous carp in the pools about 500-750m down from gauging station. Also saw quite a few crays…

Fishing from the El cheapo drift boat was a blast…have just found an American drift boat producer that is making a two person boat that is very nimble and can operate in only a few inches of water. Check out http://www.flycraftusa.com/ . Better start saving for next season. Thanks again for all the info on your great blog. Cheers, Jake.’

My reply: Thanks for that Jake.You can come all the way down from Costins Rd. Next try the Latrobe from the Noojee Bridge down. Two days probably. Also try this to toughen up your cheap raft for rapids: http://www.theultralighthiker.com/home-made-pack-raft/ & http://www.theultralighthiker.com/faux-packraft-vs-alpacka-raft/

Winther 2

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