Clearview tent:

Clearview tent

It is nice to be able to gaze out into the woods when camping. An open tarp shelter ( or a cuben tent ( such as I use facilitates this, or you might try building a clearview tent as in this instructable:

You get much the same 360 degree view camping in a hammock (as I often do) with a small (say 7’x7′) tarp for a shelter.

PS: The same guy (Paul) who invented the ‘Clearview Tent’ now informs me he has now made a ‘Clearview Hammock’! He has made a film about it here: Awesome! Here are some instructions for building a clearview tarp:


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  1. Thanks for linking to my tent on Instructables! It was a fun project. I recently uploaded a video of my hammock camping set up which uses a tarp made of the same material. Cheers.

    1. Thank You Paul. A most impressive experiment. I have posted a PS on my ‘Clearview Tent’ post linking to your new film about your ‘Clearview Hammock’. Good to see other folks pushing the limits! Cheers, Steve.

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