Fiordland Moose:

sprinkler moose

Moose frolic in garden sprinkler: A tip for Fiordland moose hunters: I think this short clip well illustrates the need moose have to cool down in warmer weather. In a Fiordland summer, it is really too warm for the average moose (given the absence of cool lakes in which they could browse underwater plants). They needs must spend long periods of time lying in the cool streams – which is why practically every moose ever shot there was in close proximity to such an area. Around the time of the moose ‘roar’ (I heard a bull call there on the last day of February) following up the various ‘burns’ and ‘streams’ might put one up, (I did so in the Hilda Burn years ago) so that you might claim that $100,000 reward for a photo of a live Fiordland moose. It would be just too bad to shoot one, nowadays:

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