The Perfect Keychain Knife:

spyderco honey bee 1

Spyderco Honey Bee: This may be the perfect keychain knife. It is just a bit shorter than a Yale ‘C’ door key, so it fits in your fob pocket on your key ring perfectly. Yet it is an ever handy useful tool with its razor sharp blade, just right to open a bag or parcel, peel a fruit, dress a fish or rabbit, whittle a spoon, carve your name for posterity on a tree in the far wilderness, or whatever your imagination can lend it:

Overall Length 3.625 ” (92 mm) Blade Length 1.625 ” (41 mm) Steel 3Cr
Closed Length 2.063 ” (52 mm) Edge Length 1.375 ” (35 mm) Weight .56 oz. (16 g)
Blade Thickness .078 ” (1.9 mm) Handle Stainless Steel

‘Spyderco’s micro-sized slipjoints are fully functional, impressively sharp folding knives that are very much at home on a keychain. Their stainless steel handles are the perfect palette for engraving or other embellishment and their Trademark Round Holes are much more user friendly than traditional nail nicks.’

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  1. Why not post the weights for these knives? Your URL is ultra light hiker.. Yet no info on weight.. Why is that? Would be super helpful for thru-hiker planning! Thanks! 🙂

    1. Please ignore my previous comment, I thought this was a comparison of all 3 knives, and clearly wasn’t paying enough attention. Sorry! And thanks!

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