Tactical Pens:

Best-Tactical-Pens-0Bearing in mind that it is pretty much illegal to carry anything for self-defence and that even something as innocuous as a credit card knife such as this http://www.iainsinclair.com/en/all-products.html will be considered by police to be a ‘prohibited weapon’ punishable by years in prison – and all this despite the clear inability/unwillingness on the part of Government to protect us (and I include Defence in this – those subs: Wow!); and that crimes against the person have risen thousands of percent since it became illegal to carry pistols for self- defence back at the beginning of the C20th (one more reason to be voting Liberal Democrats today) you might consider carrying a ‘tactical pen’ such as these for self-defence – and you can always write a ransom note (or other) with it! http://hiconsumption.com/2014/04/12-best-tactical-pens/

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  1. interesting article, i carry an olight m18 striker torch everyday and have done since i received especially if heading out at night. it has a crenulated bezel to be used much the same as the pens, and is easy to justify carrying!

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