A friend I met on the Dusky Track, Fiordland NZ

‘I was feeling a little down (due to some internet bullying), then a young friend rang to wish us ‘Seasons Greetings’ from Washington, which really brightened up my day! He is Steve Hutcheson a young American (29) I met on the Dusky Track, Fiordland NZ in 2012. At the time I had such a bad back I really did not think I could walk a step of the track, but wanted to re-visit Supper Cove one (last?) time. We spent a several days there fishing, talking, exploring; learning from each other. Then I walked out the 50 km with him. Lots of Panadeine Forte; also lots of good company. (Revised 2016): 22/12/2014: 

IMG_1880 comp

Steve Hutcheson on the verandah of the Supper Cove Hut 2012.

He later visited us here (twice) and we have been in contact many times since. I hope to do more hiking with him in the future: perhaps the Pacific Crest Trail? Who knows? I have since had a back operation which has returned some of my functionality. And I have been back to Dusky again (in April), and also walked the South Coast Track there.

It is GREAT to be able to make new friendships and renew old ones. I write these comments to recall my (small) adventures, offer (I hope) useful practical advice, and stimulate thought and discussion. I thank you ALL for your support. I never have expected others to think as I think, just as I do not think as others do. That is all part of the great adventure of life – as is long distance hiking in the wild places of the world…I have a few adventures in mind yet, if I am able, such as the Upper Yarra Track which I have been discussing lately. Any who want to join me are welcome.

I also met a young Israeli on the 2012 Dusky walk. He also visited us twice, and I keep in touch with him. Neither of these people is on Facebook for one reason or another. It may surprise you that much of my discussion with the Israeli chap during the several days of our walk was an attempt to convince him of the essential goodness of human beings, and that this applied just as much to Moslems. It may surprise you more that I have had, and still have Moslem friends – who read my posts.

Replies to comments: I intend many of my posts to be absurd – life often is. Jesus was a much nicer man than Mohammed but not half such a good man as Socrates in my opinion, (or Buddha for that matter). Still, I do not respect religion and would rather see it gone from the earth. Thank you also X, Y Z, etc for your comments and others for your support. I know that there are others who have been reading this without comment too who are with me in my endeavours. I will try to continue to post interesting, thoughtful things. Hope you continue to enjoy them’.

POST SCRIPT (August 2016):

I have been reviewing my Dusky posts (and will be adding some more soon). I saw that this one needed some more fleshing out. So, I have added some pictures. I have been back to the Dusky (in 2013) but still have not taken Della on this wonderful track. Maybe next year.

IMG_1834 comp

Bucket full of ‘Spotties’ = bait.

IMG_1840 comp

Seven-gilled shark. We caught this guy but were not able to haul him in with my handline.

IMG_1849 comp

A good feed of Blue Cod. The most delicious of all fish. Do take a handline to Supper Cove.

IMG_0429 comp

An old moose track: you can still see the indentation of the huge print above my glasses case. Taken high on the ridge above the Supper Cove Hut.

IMG_0453 comp

This one may be a moose too – a red deer track off to the right for comparison. Henry Burn (also called ‘Moose Creek’).

IMG_1861 comp

Setting off from Supper Cove: a couple of Panadeine Forte under my belt but still the pack hurts.

IMG_0459 comp

Lunch stop Day Two: Seaforth River above Lock Marie.

IMG_2054 comp

Looking a little the worse for wear (me) at the Kintail Hut.

IMG_2099 comp

At the track head (Wilmot Pass Road) end of Day Four.

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