When I was a child who used to (illegally) trap and sell finches for pocket money, I never suspected what wonders the ‘zebbies’ were (though they did fetch the highest price). Evidently they sing to their embryos! Of course, some people will believe anything. Such as that they are warning them about ‘climate change’. You got it! Back c1955-1960 I used to get 1/- for a pair of red- heads but 2/6 for zebbies and L1 per foot for a snake! I once caught a carpet snake which netted me close to L30! Back then that was between 1-2 week’s wages for a labouring man. I feel no sense of guilt or shame about this, though it no doubt carries a custodial penalty today! I also used to hunt rabbits with ferrets, kill rats with terriers, use hold-down dogs on wild pigs and even enjoy cock fights! Off  to the re-education camp! On the other hand, if you enjoy reading about such things, can I recommend books by D Brian Plummer? (Such as  Tip: You can often pick his books up more cheaply on eBay). See:

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