Smallest Rechargeable Flashlight:

nitecore 2

Nitecore Tube. What a tiny delight this little guy is & at only 9.6 grams (less than a AAA battery and only 2 grams heavier than a Photon I have a Bushnell Solarwrap Mini ( I can plug one of these little guys into anytime it gets a little lazy. Two of them should be enough for most lighting needs. It ought also to be quite easy to create a head torch attachment for one (

Two of them at 19.2 grams would save me the weight of several say4) AAAs @ 10 grams ea & the weight of 1-2 mini torches at 16 grams ea & 1-2 Photons @ 7 grams ea – a saving of 109 grams! I always like to have plenty of lighting options. Probably what I will do at the outset is swap out the Photons plus their spare batteries and reduce the numbers of my AAA batteries and see how I go. It is always handy to have a spare torch (or two) for when they fail (much less frequently nowadays it’s true) or for when you need to lend one to someone who has lost theirs (still quite a frequent occurrence!) See: They have a special deal on them at Massdrop right now!

PS The onboard lithium battery is approx 100 milliamp hours (printed on the battery).

For those who cannot resist tinkering, there is a mod which will produce 73 lumens from this torch:

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Max Output 45 lumens
Max Beam Distance 24 m
Max Beam Intensity 150 cd
Max Run time 48 h 0 m / 2 d
LED High performance LED
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion
Beam color White light
Length 56.5 mm / 2.22 in
Head Size 21 mm / 0.83 in
Weight 9.6 g / 0.34 oz
Feature Infinitely Variable Brightness (1-45 lumen), Rechargeable

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