Klymit Ultralight Pillow


I have now tried this pillow. I have been using the Exped UL for some time and find it great. It is a lot pricier than Klymit’s offering though, which is available for <US$20 just now on Massdrop if you are on a budget. It weighs just 48 grams. Certainly comfy. The ‘X’ cradles your head nicely. I have been using Klymit’s Air Beam Pad and their pack raft, or Light Water Dinghy. They are fine products. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-klymit-pillow?mode=guest_open

I ordered a pair of these on Massdrop for Xmas. I find mine incredibly comfy – and it does not scoot away from you as some do. It is also robust enough, wide enough (with a suitable valve) that you can use it as a very comfy trail seat. Well worth the few extra grams. Buy one! It is particularly good for back sleepers – my wife says I snore more using it though, This may prove a problem for some. I was away hiking with my dog, Spot for a couple of days recently. He did not seem to mind!

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