You Never Know When Your Number’s Up.

It does no good though to tippy toe through life so you safely arrive at death. We stroll our 10,000 daily steps somewhere in the forests around here (in this case just behind Yinnar). There had been a fair bit of rain which had created this pretty little waterfall just as a backdrop for my pretty little wife, Della.

DSCN2524 comp

She has been winding her chronological clock back and has now arrived at where she was when she was fifteen – at least as far as weight and fitness are concerned anyway. I have a similar goal but have still a way to go. I have only made my way back to my late twenties. My goal is 18!

I see lots of folk our age who have just decided to die – or they might as well. They say things like, ‘Time to kick back and tDSCN2516 compake it easy’, or ‘We deserve a rest/break,’ ‘We have worked hard’ ‘At our time of life…’ and so on and so forth. What utter gibberish! Anyway ‘taking it easy’ pretty quickly gets them to where they pretty much can’t do anything else! You must see them hobbling along with their short shuffling steps because they have sat around so much they have lost all strength and muscle tone in their legs.

Now they have to lock their joints together (knees and hips) in order to walk (hence the shuffle). Of course, because they are slamming down on their joints all the time (instead of standing on their muscles) their joints are inflamed all the time (hence the hobble) so they don’t want to do overmuch of this walking. They evince utter amazement when we say we are just off for a hundred kilometre stroll through some remote wilderness. ‘I wish…’ they say. But ‘the wish is the father of the deed.’ They neither wish nor do. Don’t let yourself get into that same death spiral.


This wombat was just out for his evening stroll too when a fire-killed gum came crashing down just where he was walking, and he was no more. He had a cheeky sort of grin on his face though, so perhaps he saw the funny side of it too. I have had about four near-misses with trees like this over the years myself, but clearly my number was no up yet. Unlike Mr Vombatus Ursinus, whose was!
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