Linelok Pack Tie Downs: 7 grams

For those who don’t sew – or who don’t need to sew: You can use these wonderful little Clam Cleat Lineloks and some eg 2mm Spectra/Dyneema to lash your excess gear to your pack. I always use these lineloks on my tents and tarps:

Here is my Klymit pack raft ( attached to my Zpacks Blast (Zero @ 200 gram pack. You can see I have three tie downs. I should have tightened them up a bit more and bent the raft down at the sides (or rolled it up shorter), but you get the idea: you can lash an extra bag (eg on top of your pack for an expenditure of approx 7 grams!



Here’s how to rig them:


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Clam Cleats are available here in eg packs of 100 Also available locally (Oz – and quickly) here: I find the Glow-in-the-Dark best. I always use the reflective line for guys etc too, eg: The Clam Cleats are made by these folk: who have some other interesting stuff.

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