Fifteen Gram Blue Foam Flip-Flop Camp Shoe:

A work of pure genius. Can there be a better camp shoe than this? Chris Morgan writes: ‘The Walmart foamy option is fairly durable (about 20 nights of heavy use, but a pad will make about a dozen pairs), very stable, ridiculously cheap and ultra comfortable. About 1oz for the pair:


Step 1: Buy a $4 Walmart blue foamy sleeping pad.

Step 2: Trace your foot and add little less than a cm all around (you can trim to fit later, though I find a little extra is kind of nice and you don’t trip over it), and add wings so that when folded up together it looks like an Adidas shower sandal.

Step 3: Cut foam.

Step 4: Apply 1 piece of duct tape across the top – you may have to shorten the wings after trying on to get a tight fit.


Thanks to Chris Morgan at backpacking light forum:


QED’ Indeed!

PS: These are better in the toughened foam or rubber – see below. The 19 gram ones (24 grams per pair – read the post)  are even better.

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