Self-Threading Needles:

You will notice that there are (amazingly) several kinds of self-threading needle you can use for repairs. I know the Calyxeye fits in a floss container as I have had mine there for over twenty years (and effected many repairs with it!). It was the type Lincraft (where I bought mine) sold, so I make no special claim. It works. If you are a fumble fingers (like me) or need reading glasses (same) you need a self-threading needle. Also good in poor light!

You can see Della repairing my backpack on our recent South Coast (NZ) Track walk here: A needle, some thread and a small square of ripstop nylon can fix many things which have let you down in the backcountry. (I usually carry a handkerchief size piece of 1.3 oz silnylon myself as it makes for a dry seat on an otherwise wet day). The thread I now carry is here:

I was particularly proud of a rip I repaired in a pair of hiking trousers a few years back: I had slid down a steep bank on my derriere and whilst doing so caught the pants in a tree root which tore them all the way from the calf to the crotch. Luckily it was not me! I have since thrown them out else I would post a photo of my handiwork.

I also once performed a particularly neat repair on a dinner plate sized rip on one of my hounds (he had from a recalcitrant stag, soon deceased). I admit ‘Harpoon’ did not much enjoy the surgery (he thought quite seriously about biting me) but he demurred, healed up without so much as a mark and went on to hunt many another day, at least until he was stolen by some lowlife off the Cowwarr Rd many years ago now. He would have been dead of old age last century (and hound hunting has quit me altogether now), yet still it galls.

Easy needle


Calyxeye Needle


Spiral Eye Needle


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