Progress: it always seems more than it really is.

The good news: I did eventually finish that fence; and today I managed to plant a couple of dozen new fruit trees in the new orchard area…and the photos prove I am only half the man I once was! The new area is not quite finished I admit. The fence is not yet quite JR proof. There are still some half dozen or so trees to add, but it will look great next Spring. Hopefully by then the supports for the garden seat will be something other than plastic pots – though they seem to work very well!


Merrin, Milo and Della enjoy it anyway – and it has Spot’s seal of approval!


Spot has been such a big help. I would like to tell you he dug all these holes himself!


Spot relaxing in the Santa Rosa plum at the end of a long hard day while I enjoy a well earned apple.

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