To the Roof of the World: Everest Base Camp Trek #3

I have just limped back from a visit to Everest – if you wonder why I have been so quiet this last fortnight. I will be posting about this at greater length in the next few days. I developed an awful chest infection and am still very weak, so you will have to be satisfied for now with just this teaser. I will survive, I hope.


Everest View: I console myself with the thought that only a tiny fraction of humankind has seen this view.


Here I am on the Summit of Nangartschang Hill, Dingboche, Nepal @ 5100 metres (16,700 feet).

Aside: I think walking over 5 km up into the sky is not such a bad effort for someone who is nearly 70 anyway. I would have gone much higher (i found this climb easy!) if I had not been taken ill.


Himalayan Sunset.

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