A Merry ‘Shear-mas’ to all!

Della: ‘Yesterday was our ‘Shear-mas Day’. Sing along with the words, and token apologies to John Lennon whose lyrics were much more trite than mine!
“And so this is Shear-mas
A day in the sun
Another fleece over
A new one just begun.
A very merry Shear-mas
And a Happy New Year
We’re all sleek and neat now
No dags on our rears!”

And we celebrated the end of Shear-mas Day with a dinner of roast lamb and freshly picked raspberries with lashings of cream and ice-cream. Almost makes up for the tired muscles and excess sun-exposure!’

Lining up.

Even the lambs got a short back and sides.

Steve in fine fleece throwing form.

All over and a fresh paddock to graze.

So nice these days to finish the shearing in one day (early afternoon) instead of at least five days of hard grind in the blazing heat. Retirement has its blessings! We are proud though of having for nearly 40 years participated in and contributed to what was once Australia’s greatest industry: the Pastoral Industry. Just a hobby for us now though! See also: http://finnsheep.com/index.htm


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