My Top Five Knives

1. Gerber: ‘LST Ultralight’
2. Outdoor Edge:  ‘Razor Blaze’
3. Deejo: ’27g Minimalist 3in’
4. Leatherman:  ‘Micra’
5. Spyderco ‘Honeybee’

I’ve purchased and tested numerous pocket knives over the years. This is my current top five that I use day to day (as you can see from the photo these aren’t brand new and have been used a countless number of times). Each has it’s own advantages depending on your need. You can read more about each of these knives on my blog by following the links below. All are modesty priced workaday tools which have served me very well…

1. Gerber: ‘LST Ultralight’

2. Outdoor Edge:  ‘Razor Blaze’…/

3. Deejo: ’27g Minimalist 3in’…/

4. Leatherman:  ‘Micra’…/

5. Spyderco ‘Honeybee’…/

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