Steve’s Nepali Dahl Soup:

I made this dahl entirely with dried ingredients so I could make it on the trail. It made over a litre. I had trouble eating half. Very filling, tasty and nutritious. Do try it at home first. I would put the lentils in one small snap-lock bag and all the other dried ingredients in another. This soup will make a welcome change from whatever you are eating now, and is very light and cheap to make. Now with Della’s ‘seal of approval’!


1 cup red lentils

3 ½ cups water

20 grams Hormel dried bacon pieces

1 table milk powder

2 teas powdered/dried onion

½ packet Tomato cupasoup

½ teas turmeric

1 teas ground ginger

½ teas hot paprika

½ teas garam masala

½ teas coriander

2 teas dried chives

1 teas garlic powder

1 teas cumin

Pinch ground black pepper


Soak lentils 10 + minutes

Add ingredients

Bring to boil, then simmer 15-20 minutes.

Salt/pepper &/or curry powder (not needed) to taste

Thicken with Continental Deb mashed potato (not needed)

Comment: Delicious!

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