Hike Naked Day:

Apparently This Friday, the 22nd of December represents the Summer solstice. Which also means it’s ‘Hike Naked Day’!


Now, you can’t get more ‘ultralight’ than that! However, don’t expect to see me there – I have to work! or something…


2 thoughts on “Hike Naked Day:”

  1. Hi,

    really good to see U and Della today in Woolworths. I’ve had a quick look (have bookmarked for reference) at this site you have made – quite amazing, good idea to assemble in one spot and share all this rich outdoors experience! I’ve not seen anything like it really. Would not have guessed that it was Hike Naked Day. Aiming to drop by in the next few weeks for a cold one – been on my mind to do so for ages but have kept making excuses…

    See Ya,

    Alan H.

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