Drone Hunting:

My son had a lot of lazy money so he bought one of these DJI Mavik drones I had been talking about for some time. What an amazing little gadget it is. It is only a question of time before they are banned.

He brought it round one day in Spring when we were having a social gathering (a birthday perhaps) so we could all see how it worked – and it worked wonderfully.

It starts off (and lands) on an outside table. He can take it way up so that you get a bird’s eye view of our (messy) farm and its environs. The swallows swooped it mercilessly.

He could send it way out of sight down to the farm dam on the creek where he could observe the behaviour of some wood ducks with it.

Then he used it to round up the sheep from the paddock. This could be handy.

These little guys are amazing. They fold up about as big as a large grapefruit. They clearly stow in a backpack. They weigh 734 grams including the battery – and the batteries weigh only approx 250 grams each. A battery gives you a run out and back about 12 km and nearly thirty minutes. They return automatically to base and won’t run into things. They are so quiet. They shoot high def video. They are amazing! Check out the details below.

It could also easily be (mis) used to observe deer, even to chase them back to your vehicle for easy shooting and retrieval.  Who needs hounds? No doubt others will invent even more nefarious uses for them. As I say, it won’t be long before they are banned. This one cost around A$1500 from JB Hifi (Nov 2017).

I think we will have a lot of fun with it anyway before they ban them.

I have stitched together some video taken of it on the day with my old camera, and from it into the Youtube video below. this is my first attempt at video editing, so it is not very professional. Still, I think you will enjoy the drone rounding up the sheep from the hill paddock (last minute or so.:


DJI Mavic, the pro-grade camera drone that fits in your pocket:





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