Ultralight Ultracheap Backpack

You really don’t need a heap of expensive gear to get into hiking (or a ten ton load). You can start eg with a lightweight pack. You could consider the simple dual compartment 362 grams, 40 litre  G4Free available at Amazon for US$19.99 (Feb 2018), and you could shave a bit off that weight if you wanted to, but I would add a simple waist belt though which might weigh about 30 grams. It comes in lots of swanky colours too – I like the light green myself. The pack has additional tie out points top and bottom to which more gear can be secured, if needed early on in a long trip. I ordered one of these to try out.

Another option is the Coreal 35 litre backpack (also US$19.99 at Amazon).

Anaconda have this one for US$55 (Feb 2018):

or (if you are in Australia), this one for A$47.99 (Feb 2018) – which is about what the first two would cost you after you add currency conversion and freight (via Shipito):

I’m sure if you hunt around $2 stores, Aussies, Ray’s, KMart etc you will find  number of other options though they may not compare favorably as to weight with the G4Free!

Another option is to troll the ‘free shipping – to Australia’ online stores such as Aliexpress, Dino Direct etc where you will find things like this for US$18.18 (Feb 2018)

Other cheap backpacks:

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HW126F6/ref=pd_luc_rh_sspa_dk_huc_pt_sub_2?psc=1 US$22.90 (Mar 2018) 16.9 oz.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06ZXYM77Q/ref=pd_luc_rh_sspa_dk_huc_pt_sub_1?psc=1 US$17.99 (Mar 2018) 12.3 oz.

The next thing you might need is a cheap tent, say like this: http://www.theultralighthiker.com/poly-tent-by-the-ultralight-hiker-on-the-cheap/ which will set you back about $10! Then you only need a cheap mat (Big Agnes are hard to beat – unless you choose to compromise on comfort) a sleeping bag/quilt (more about that in a later post), a cookset and a rain jacket, maybe a pair of lightweight poles – and you are good to go.

PS: A sub 500 gram frameless pack is all you need when you keep your total weight for a week’s trip (including food) down to under 10 kg starting out weight as I have done for many years. After all this guy has traveled the world for over a year with a 20 lb backpack!

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