Verney Carron ‘Stop&Go®’

Considerable angst is being generated this morning about this ‘new’ action shotgun just as was present not so long ago about the Adler’s ‘new’ 150 year old action, and overlooking the fact that it is already available in shops as a ‘Speedline’ rifle.

The firearm in question ejects the spent shell ‘automatically’ using the firearm’s recoil (like a semi-automatic) but it does not reload itself (watch the video below). There is a bolt stop which you have to press to complete the reload before another shot is available at the trigger. This two-step process makes it pretty much the same as other manual loading firearms such as bolt, lever or pump actions.


As a lever action hunting rifle devotee (because of its safety and speed at getting off the first and subsequent shots) I would buy an Adler- type shotgun for hunting (if I was in the market for a new gun – and when is this no the case; only when there is not enough money!) but I probably wouldn’t buy this ‘Stop&Go action type firearm because it is less safe to walk around with unloaded than a lever action.

However, as many shooters walk around most of the time with a round in the breech (and there is no legislation preventing this) relying only on the safety catch, I can’t see any additional problem with this ‘new’ action – indeed it is inherently safer than the previous strategy.

Of course there is also the point that it would only be sold to licenced shooters anyway, folks who already have controlled access to a whole range of potentially lethal equipment without there being much evidence that any of them ever abuse that access. On the other hand the public has uncontrolled access to a bewildering range of kitchen and gardening equipment which is regularly used to kill and injure people without anyone vociferously advocating bans on such things as knives and axes that I am aware of. Mostly I would much rather face a firearm in a public place than such a bladed weapon in a confined space, though I would rather face neither.

People are shot every now and then due to a failure of firearm’s safety (such as over-reliance on safety catches). This is tragic, but I doubt that many shooters would want further legislation to protect themselves from the occasional very isolated accident. Life is fraught with all sorts of dangers.

We once bought a farm cheaply as a deceased estate because the previous owner had choked to death on a boiled lolly. Obviously as I benefited I would not be advocating banning boiled lollies, but I doubt whether I could offer up a compelling argument for their prohibition even if I had not.

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3 thoughts on “Verney Carron ‘Stop&Go®’”

  1. Best use of this approach might be if it was used with a gun like the takedown AR7 pack rifle referenced elsewhere in this blog. A bit like on the savage A22r rimfire repeater. That would be great!

  2. Trevor Mustey

    Think I might just move to New Zealand where hunting is a traditional way of life and hunters /firearms owners are respected and not treated like criminals!!, Disarm the public that have to prove themselves time and time again, when is all this scaremongering going to stop?, we’re the good guys and the bad guys don’t have to play by the rules…do they!?.The Antigunners have not prevented one single death and them and the greens are all for safe injecting rooms and pill testing illicit DRUGS…go figure??? I’m really starting feel ashamed to call myself an Aussie. sorry for going on and on but this really gives me the Sh#ts!, When guns are outlawed only OUTLAWS will have guns.

    P.S watched a couple of vids on the speedline I’m reasonable sure there was a gun back in the 1930’s that had a similar action? and they don’t seem to be able to quietly chamber a round not ideal when hunting deer. P.P.S still waiting for part 2 of the deer hunters apprentice. Cheers Trev.

    1. Maybe why such a pathetic percentage of the pre-1998 guns were ever accounted for! It probably isn’t a new action any more than the Adler’s was. I am working on the second part Trevor. I wrote a few paragraphs today but I do have other chores too! Be patient. I have done some other posts which also might interest you. Or you might find something here:'s%20Blog.htm I am also hoping to get up the bush myself for a few days as soon as I have finished building (and filling) our new woodshed. Cheers, Steve.

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