White Moose

Just as the ‘polar bear’ is only a ‘sport’ of the grizzly bear, so every now and then nature throws up another white creature better adapted to an environment of snow and ice like this white moose, one of about 100 such roaming the boreal forests of Sweden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JoHGwSdRak and so like the wonderful white Arctic fox which travels the margin of the ice in winter pretty much all the way from Europe to the Americas (individual foxes I mean – one of the world’s greatest land travelers). In a similar vein, over the years I have seen both a striped fox and a striped dingo. I have a poor quality photo of the latter somewhere, and think it (and this striped ‘sport’ generally) may be the origin of rumours of the marsupial tiger still lingering on the mainland (though they have cameras out looking for some on Cape York as I write). Mind you someone I know claims a Tassie Tiger was shot at Gelantipy Gippsland in 1972 and that the skull still exists on a farm there – something I have not confirmed. Australia is a big island and many strange things have existed here and maybe still do. (With thanks to Marg Tustin for the video)

I doubt I will see one in Fiordland though – mind you it would stand out!

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