Harbingers of Spring

Della: ‘So while we have been madly busy with lambing over the last couple of weeks, spring has been making inroads on the garden as well as the paddocks. The almond blossom is well and truly out, so I stole a quick turn around the closest beds after checking on the lambs tonight. So much has happened in 2 weeks – colour emerging from lots of previously dull corners: Time to get on and finish the winter pruning before I miss my chance!


This was a mystery plant from the op shop. I am delighted with its charming flower. I did look it up but have forgotten its name already!


Jonquils have put on a lasting display and sit well with the red foliage of the shrub I can never remember the name of!

I couldn’t resist a close-up of the blush pink camelia petals!

Camelia not so close-up



Our trusty rosemary is a wonder at this time of year.


Hyacinths just emerging.

Flowering quince: A new addition to the rose garden to take centre stage whilst the roses are bare. This salmon pink one is doing splendidly, and the white and dark pink ones are just coming into flower now.

A close up of the flowering quince blossom



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