The Ultralight Barista

So you would like a decent cup of coffee on the trail. I know that this is a problem for Della. Me? I am a philistine. I actually prefer instant. There are some little luxuries though where you might want to add a few grams to your otherwise ultralight outfit so that you can savour the comforts of home. I think, for Della this is one of them. I have been searching for an ultralight way to make a decent cup of coffee and this is it:

This is Vargo’s Titanium Travel Coffee Filter. It  weighs 1.27 ounces (36 grams).  Its dimensions are 3.5″D x 2.8″ (87 mm x 71 mm). It would clearly also be suitable for other kinds of travel applications – in your hotel room, & etc. They are listing it at US$49.95 (Sept 2018).

Here is what they have to say about it: ‘Don’t let anything come between you and a fresh cup of pure coffee. The Vargo Titanium Travel Coffee Filter is a solo pour-over coffee maker that easily fits and nests with your favorite mug. Made from pure titanium, it’s reusable, eco-friendly, and biocompatible so that the only thing you taste is delicious hot coffee in your cup whether at home or on the trail.


  • 100% biocompatible titanium won’t leach chemicals, corrode, or impart any flavors for absolutely pure tasting coffee
  • Double mesh construction offers strength and fine filtering
  • Reusable and eco-friendly – no plastic cups or paper filters to waste
  • Sturdy talon-style folding legs fit and nest with a wide variety of mugs
  • Easy to clean and maintain for many years of use
  • Folding handle for easy lifting without burning fingers
  • Compact size and included mesh bag for easy storage’

I would probably make/buy a silnylon bag to carry it in instead – as I would be putting it away wet, but it might just fit inside your billy – depending on what else you are carrying there.

Anyway it will surely make for a wonderful luxury addition to your hiking ‘kitchen’. If you have made all the other ultralight changes I have suggested over the years, you probably won’t mind this small addition to your kit particularly if you hanker after a decent cup of java. I will be purchasing one for Della for sure. A Xmas gift perhaps for her, or for your beloved hiker/hunter?

PS: I have found Vargo to be a fine company selling excellent products. I own many of their products for years. None has ever failed me.

Another grear Vargo product (if you are heading off for some Nepal Trekking (or etc):

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