The Ultralight Comb

No longer happy with your old plastic comb to ensure you always look beautiful in the wilderness? ‘Vanity, thy name is man’ as Hamlet says. I know mine which has been in my pack for over twenty years  has a tooth missing (courtesy of my daughter, Irralee on the Dusky Track c 2007), so perhaps I should consider replacing it with a true ‘Rolls Royce’ of combs.

The Chicago Comb Company Carbon Fibre #1 & 6 Combs:

Naturally I am attracted to their Titanium Models as I have become a titanium fetishist (as you might have noticed – much like the rubber fetishist in Spike Milligan’s wonderful movie, ‘The Bed-Sitting Room’ – Watch on However the carbon fibre model is much lighter, though in fact not lighter than my old plastic one, but 10X the price – you can’t take it with you! After a while you wonder what you can spend it on; your house is so full of amazing things you just can’t resist! Tip: Don’t let your pack go the same way though. You will suffer! BTW my ancient Priceline $1 comb weighs 4 grams (albeit with a tooth missing).

My son, Bryn actually bought one of these in Boston on a recent (mainly Canadian) tour. Model #1:

10.06 grams on my son’s super-accurate scales. He is a chemist.

Weights: ‘For the stainless steel combs, the Model No. 1 and Model No. 3 weigh 1.7 ounces (similar to a candy bar), but they feel much more substantial in hand than any plastic comb.  The stainless steel Model No. 2 comb weighs 1.1 ounces, and the Model 4 weighs 1.3 ounces.  Model 5 combs weigh under one ounce.  All of the Titanium combs also weigh less than one ounce.  (For our international customers’ reference, 1 ounce = approximately 28 grams).  The Carbon Fiber Model 1 weighs 10 grams (about 1/3 of an ounce) and the Model 6 weighs just slightly more’. (NB Models 1 Top & 6 Bottom shown)

BTW: Your fingers can be used to comb your hair and weigh nothing!

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