The Fastest Hiker:

Update: WordPress 5 broke my site on Dec 5th. My apologies for this. Perhaps it is fixed now (27/12). Expert help is required I fear. I failed to notice that recently the site had a glitch which was slowing loading times to to nearly a minute. Sorry. Because I go to the site to create things rather than read them I was not affected so I did not notice. I just don’t know (yet) how to stop it happening again. It was some mysterious ‘thing’ at the hosting site which they could not explain or account for either…It did renew my focus on speeding the site up so I made a few more changes which resulted in getting the loading speed down from just under two seconds to just under one! This is pretty good given the amount of stuff that loads with the initial page view: 20 summary posts and nearly 100 photographs!  I believe it may be possible to get that down to under half a second, but I also have a life! When I was younger if I wanted to read something I had to order it from the local library, then wait weeks for them to get it in. A second is not long by comparison!


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