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This is a really great idea for tightening your guy line or tarp suspension. No knots. Will slip through a loop on your pegs to make a very secure guy line system on particularly windy nights. I like it. It is not intended as a weight bearing device. I think you can see from the picture how it works. Ingenious. Available here: US$5.00 (Dec 2018) 2.4 grams ea.

Youtube here:

Other people’s opinions about it:

Many other items of interesting hardware are out there, such as this one: which weighs less than a gram. There will be a future post about cord knick knacks.

Of course there are plenty of copies out there from US$ .29 cents each.

I am still using the micro clam cleats for my guy lines:

and I am using whoopie slings for many other uses such as attaching my hammock, centreline and tarp, eg:


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