Halls Gap

Della has been away ‘crafting’ for a week: ‘Spending a few lovely days here at Halls Gap with the ladies, absorbing the energetic creativity of Grampians Texture. I am not doing any classes this year due to the prior claim on my attendance at our son’s wedding on Saturday: Instead I am doing some of my own craft work in the motel room and enjoying all the good vibes of this event. This morning’s walk with my friend Claire was beautiful and relaxing, although my phone did clock it at over 7000 steps. I took a few snaps en route to share, but sadly the scale of the Grampians landscape is very difficult to capture through a small lens. You will all just have to visit sometime!

Morning ramble, Halls Gap: Claire and I happened upon this diverting walk just after breakfast. Beginning at the far end of town, Delleys Trail roughly follows the Fyans Creek over some very pretty country. 2 hours later (having taken the shorter of the various exit options) we were well and truly ready for a coffee and a late start to our sewing projects. Such a lovely find in easy walking distance of town: We were surprised to have it all to ourselves!

Early start this morning with the camera to check out the walk to Lakeview Lookout. A shorter jaunt and lovely in the cool of the morning! The Mount Zero walk was a fair way out of town, so we didn’t include it this trip. This was called Lakeview Lookout, and was only about 20 minutes out of town. There were a number of other, longer walks in the same area, eg. The Pinnacles, too. Lots to choose from!’

So many lovely places in Victoria. Pity the Grampians is a National Park so that we could not take the dogs there – too many places like that. Fyans Creek is interesting. One does not think of canoeable streams in Western Vic.




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