Farewell Dot

‘Our last little puppy went off to her new home yesterday. Farewell little Dot, now sporting the very grown-up name of “Stella” (melded from the names of her devoted Grandparents😀). The house is a little less bouncy and joyous this morning and Honey doesn’t quite know what to do with herself. Stella, however, has scored a delightful family and, like her siblings, gets to stay in Gippsland – How lucky can a Jack Russell get! We will look forward to calling in on her next time we pass through Buchan and meanwhile are enjoying some cute ‘settling-in’ photos generously supplied by her new family. The photo below is the last posed “French Nude” we took of her here as she contemplated taking over the world with her charm!’ (Della)

At her new home:

And a final video:

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