10 by 10 Tarp Update

I sewed the tie-outs onto the Tyvek tarp on Friday night and headed up the bush to give it a try-out on Saturday morning. Completed it weighed 610 grams. An acceptable weight for such a commodious and versatile shelter. In silnylon it would weigh under 350 grams.

To reiterate (just in case you have not read my earlier post yet) this is a 10 foot by 10 foot (actually 3 x 3 metre) piece of Tyvek Homewrap. I think it looks better with the printed side in. This is the simplest configuration (in the photos below) for 1-2 people pitched from the centre of one side to the centre of the other and with flaps folded in to make floor/doors.

I am using a piece of Polycro here as a ground sheet, but another (approx 5′ x 7′) piece of Tyvek (205 grams) would be even better (and more durable). A similar piece of silnylon would weigh 110 grams. Adding the weight of the guys and pegs will still give you an amazingly flexible shelter option that weighs under 500 grams!

You can also pitch the tarp as a simple floorless diagonal which will span 14 feet and have edge cover of 10′ either pegged out from from a pole or tree to the ground (as shown) or as hammock tarps between two trees. Or it can be pitched as a completely enclosed hammock shelter spanning 10′). If you are using it as an open shelter pitched much as above except from the corners instead of half way along the sides (as shown) it will accommodate several people. I would use a ridge pole with such a span. (You can get away without one to 10′).

Anyway plenty of room for me and Spot (who is hiding under my sleeping bag).

Spot has come along simply to smell the flowers.

Looks good down (a very steep kilometre vertically) by the river, doesn’t it?

You don’t need to bring pegs or a pole. The bush is full of sticks which can be used instead. A foot long forked stick like this will give the tent better purchase especially in sand than any bought peg anyway.

And it is a simple matter to tie the shelter to a tall stick.

It always looks even better with a fire out the front I think.

Especially at night.

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