Born With a Wooden Spoon in My Mouth

If your wife loses your ultralight titanium/aluminium hiking spoon whilst doing the washing up (while you are folding up the tent) in the Franklin-Gordon wilderness (as my lovely wife, Della did – and she will never be allowed to forget it, poor thing!) or a similar disaster strikes, then it might be a good idea to be carrying a spare…but one can hardly be expected to heft the extra enormous weight of another 9 grams, so here is a lovely 2 gram hiking spoon.

Some people will make this their main/only spoon and thus save themselves 7 grams (and why not? That 7 grams will be multiplied by 10,000 times – to 7o kg – by he end of the day as I explained here) but I will probably just take one of these 2 grams ones along for just such unfortunate disasters as I have already experienced. Magpies and crows and the like critters are also notorious at deftly removing shiny metal objects from camp when one is not looking – be warned.

I bought this one from a catering supplies outfit in (nearby) Traralagon at A$4 per 100 ie 4 cents ea, so they will hardly break the bank even of you wear them out and throw them away every so often. They are made from ‘renewable’, biodegradableĀ  wood so they should suit the more fastidious among us! Wood is a natural bacteriocide (why chopping boards work) which does not preclude washing them, but should help with prevention of tummy bugs on long hikes too. Just too many advantages to ignore.

Dimensions: 6.25″ x 1 3/8″ (158 x 35 mm) – longest and widest points. Roughly 3/32″ (1.5 mm) thick. Weight 2 grams. 1/15th ounce.

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