DIY Unbreakable Shoe Laces

Make your own unbreakable shoe laces. That way you don’t need to carry a spare. You can buy Aglets (ie ends – what a great word – from Old French ‘aiguillette’, a small needle) cheaply enough A$3.88 per 100 plus 50 ft 2.3 mm black Kevlar line A$24.92 (pictured) to make your own unbreakable shoe laces. You just need to measure the cord accurately, to cut the Kevlar with a hot iron to seal it, crimp the aglets on – and away you go!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Unbreakable Shoe Laces”

  1. I switched to paracord shoelaces because kevlar line is slippery and do not hold knots very well. My shoelaces kept getting untied.

    1. There is a way of tying shoelaces so this doesn’t happen. The easiest way is (if you use a doube bow with a second locking bow) to make the first knot clockwise and the second one anti-clockwise (or vice versa). Cheers, Steve.

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