The Commute

Four days paddling the Tarago River in Gippsland. This guy is inspirational. Shades of Travels in a Donkey Trap. People need to get out exploring their local area more thoroughly like this:

Beau Miles: “Following two rivers, one drain, one sea and one creek, it turns out that paddling to work, which ends up being mostly a drag, over four full days, is bloody hard work.

After a stripped back walk to work (The Commute: walking 90km to work), I decided to continue experimenting between the lands and seas of home and work. This time by paddling. At least, that was the plan; following two rivers, a canal, the sea, and a creek- all the way to my desk. What usually takes 75 minutes by car took four full days of mostly dragging, burning over 18,000 calories. Sleeping by the river, under a train line and next to a boat ramp, the final drag through the suburbs was a full watershed transect, which is an intimate view into all the goods and bads of humanity- including myself. What was another commuting stunt turned out to be the hardest, most insightful four days of travel I’ve ever done”.


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