Ultralight Ratchet Tie Down

Here’s a handy little gadget I picked up from Bunnings yesterday for A$14 per pair (Mar 2022)

Each 6′ (1.8 metre) tie down weighs 44 grams. Each metal hook seems to weigh about 10 grams whilst the plastic ratchet itself weighs only 14 grams so that if you wanted to dispense with the hooks for weight you could. You could also substitute a different length/weight of 3 mm cord if you wanted a device which was longer/shorter. I can envisage numerous uses for such a device including a secure means of attaching your pack to your pack raft or hauling your shower into the air from a branch.

They also come in 2.4 metre lengths.

Each ratchet tie-down is rated to 34 kg so that a pair of them will easily secure a ladder, canoe etc. I think the best bit about it is its simplicity. I have tried (ineffectually) for years to teach my wife/daughters to use the ‘normal’ ratchet tie downs but without any success at all! This handbag/glove  box sized set will solve all that for them. I expect Della to return from shopping trips with all manner of strange long objects on the roof of her car now.

You just pull down on the loose string on one side to tighten. To loosen there is a small lever to lift to allow the cord to flow back through.

Available here.

An even lighter tie down (.7 grams ea) can be found here: The Perfect Guy Line for a Tarp or Tent


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