What a Bogler

I just bought a new trowel which I am very happy with, a BoglerCo Ultralight Trowel. Mine weighs 13.45 grams on my scales. It is made from (hardened) aircraft-grade aluminium. It is intelligently designed so it does not wear a hole in your hand which is a decided improvement on most such things so that if you ever need to use it to dig for water in a dry river bend or behind the dunes or dig up tree roots for water & etc you may actually not die of thirst (or bleed to death!) before you succeed. Also good for digging for fish bait (worms, beetle larvae, etc.)

Like other such trowels it can also be used as a sand anchor and a shoe horn. Do not cook with it – it will destroy the hardening. It is not the lightest such trowel I have found. Deuce of Spades now makes theirs in three sizes such that the smallest (#1) is only 12.7 grams. I have the #2 which is 17 grams – and have used it happily for many years.

I think the .7 gram extra is worth it (for this trowel) to not wear a hole in your hand. My Bogler is 18.5 cm long, 5.3 cm wide and about 1.7 deep (7 1/4″x  2 1/8″ x  9/16″). It has some serrations in case you need to do some sawing through grass roots etc, and can be re-sharpened (eg with a triangular fie).

The yellow plastic handle/stop (comes in a variety of colours) is what prevents you from wearing a hole in you palm.

I anticipate many satisfactory toilet trips etc with mine in the future. well done ‘Ben Bogler’! It is already in my ‘toiletries bag’ in preparation for my next trip (in the next few days – my first with my new knee!)

BoglerCo Ultralight Trowel

Front view:

BoglerCo Ultralight Trowel

Back view:

BoglerCo Ultralight Trowel

You can get one from Amazon for around A$29.61 (delivered to Australiaa couple of weeks ago). It is getting harder and harder to get people in the US to send packages to Oz – reputedly something to do with the USPS. If you live in the US you may find someone who can send one to you for less than this, apparently about from about US18. You can also  buy one on Etsy for A$27.32.

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