Ingenious DIY Hobo Blower Stoves

As a a follow-up to my DIY Fire Blower  and to my DIY 33 Gram Roll Up Hobo Stove  I would like to draw your attention to these two of Tim Tinker‘s  ingenious DIY Hobo Blower Stoves Ultralight Blower Stove & Ultralight Coffee Cup Stove If you really want lightweight heat to cook with these stoves are beauties.

The Ultralight Blower Stove: Like my own effort this one rolls up to fit in your billy.

“The Large/Single- ultralight blower stove rolls up to fit in its own large pot for backpacking. It will cook one large pot at a time. However, with a bit of rock trickery, it can also heat another large pot. It has an ultralight titanium body and an anodized aluminium pot. The titanium stove can be rolled up and all parts pack up inside the aluminium cooking pot.”

The Ultralight Coffee Cup Stove: This one is small enough to fit in your coffee cup.

“This ultralight wood stove has been designed to burn damp, wet or frozen sticks with minimal preparation and should burn much better than natural draft stick burning stoves when using wet sticks. The blower creates a very hot fire on one end of the sticks. While providing intense cooking heat, the stove also heats and dries the incoming fuel sticks, so that they will burn easily when they enter the burn chamber adjacent to the blower air jet.”

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