Easy Hammock Tarp Centre Line

A centre line is the best idea when using any tarp rather than just trying to tension the tarp back towards the tree against its own weight which is all too likely to damage it or tear out the grommet or tie-out.

You will also want to secure the line to the tree/s quickly and easily, so here is a method using just a few readily available plastic bits and pieces.

You can just use a plastic mitten hook for the attachment to the tree. Just make sure you have gone around the tree or back around the string and the tree a few times to create friction so as not to stress the delicate hook which is used instead of a (hard to undo) knot here.

Easy Tarp Centre Line

A micro line lock will help to create tension if rigged like this.

Easy Tarp Centre Line

I have added the two beads and the guy line tensioner to create extra friction which keeps the centre line quite tight enough for a lightweight silnylon fly.

Easy Tarp Centre Line

It only takes a few seconds to rig the centre line and tension it up, then you are ready to throw your fly over it and also tension it back (a little but no too much) to the two trees. The centre line will prevent the grommets or tie outs from tearing out as well as the fabric from distorting.

Another, more elegant solution is to use a whoopie sling as  explained in the linked post. You can buy them or make your own. Tier Gear & maybe  Dutchware Gear still sell them – as they sell some other interesting hooks which might help when adjusting your tarp back to the tree. You may even find them on eBay. Mine is a cheaper (as usual) DIY option.

One of the other advantages of a centre line is that you can make an ultralight throw-over pair of silnylon pockets for your night stuff (glasses, head torch hearing aids etc) so that they are in easy reach right above you.

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