Warm Feet Warm Heart

Isn’t there  a saying something like that? In any case for  many years we have used some Goosefeet Down Sox (which I highly recommend) which cost US$69 (Sep 2023) and roughly one ounce (28 grams each -twice that per pair) in Size Medium US 9s. They are very fine quality and toasty warm being filled with 850 fill power down.

If you are on a more limited budget Aegismax have much the same thing on Aliexpress (but in 650 fill power and so a little heavier, say 30 grams each) but for A$28 -which is, you will admit enormously cheaper. I have found other Aegismax products (coats, sleeping bags etc) to be of quite good quality,but not quite premium especially as regards weight.

I usually make the stretch to 850 fill power down for all my hiking needs, but my financial situation may differ from yours. I think if you can make a saving eg by making your own gear, (house etc) you should, as then you will arrive at old age (as we have) in a much more comfortable style.

A pair of down socks is not really (just) a luxury. I don’t know if you have ever struggled to nod off to sleep on a really cold night in the backcountry because of cold feet, but I certainly have. A two ounce pair of down socks probably over your wool ones will cure those cold feet.

On such nights you should also put your vest on over your lower body plus your thermals etc and wear all your upper clothes. Such layering is a much better strategy than carrying a too heavy (and sometimes too warm) sleeping bag.

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  1. i have the aegismax. it’s good. i kept checking whether i have both and ended up sewing them together with a 60 cm ribbon. now there’s no chance of losing just one, and if i look into the bag and see something green, i know i have the pair of them in there

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