River Crossings

River Crossings

RIVER CROSSINGS: This is one of the most fraught parts of hiking. I have seen so many people come to grief doing this (and have had to arrange emergency air rescue for a number who foolishly injured themselves). For example, many folks will spend lots of time trying to find a LOG to cross on. …

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Spare Shoes – Great for River Crossings

The importance of that piece of string: in this case it is for making ultralight thongs/sandals from shoe inserts (these are ‘Redbacks’): 58 grams the pair in Size 8. Great for camp shoes, river crossings, etc. Also: the Gossamer Gear Sitlight Pad @ 30 grams (apart from keeping your bum dry for trail lunches on …

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Rope – Don’t leave home without it!

  ROPE: Sam Gamgee was right, ‘What about a bit of rope? You’ll want it, if you haven’t got it,’ he opined, and you would be foolish if you didn’t agree. Some cordage is an essential on the trail: You need thread and needle for those torn trousers or wounds. I always have dental floss …

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