Bathtime on the Trail: The One Gram Platypus Shower:

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An ordinary water bottle cap will fit any Platypus bottle (by the wonderful Cascade Designs who also make the absolutely best Sleeping Pad: You can make holes with a large needle (doll needle pictured – much safer). With nine holes as pictured one litre lasts 6 ½ minutes. I usually carry one 2 litre Platypus and a one litre one. Della carries the same. Similarly each has a pot of approx one litre capacity. A litre of boiling water added to a litre of cold water makes a pretty good shower temperature. 4 litres of water each gets us pretty clean in the backcountry where there is plenty of wood to provide the heat, eg with this:

A couple of grommets in the base of the Platypus bottle (both on one side) will allow you to hang it up from a carabiner on a piece of string. A loop tied with an overhand knot in the string a little higher up will allow you to catch the neck of the bottle to turn the shower off. I am working on converting one of those water bottle on/off bite valves which some water bottles come with to a shower for the same purpose. Looking for a cap which can be glued on which is just the right size, but really it works just fine as above.

Like this (7 grams):

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There are a variety of purchasable models of this device (some very dear) and all of which weigh more than a gram! Make your own and convert your Platypus bottles for hanging (2 minutes max)

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